Genomic VA,T,C,G RIATION disturbing ceRNA regulations

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Welcome to LnCeVar

LnCeVar is a comprehensive database that aims to infer genomic variations that disturb lncRNA-associated ceRNA regulation.

  • Manual curation of variation-ceRNA events from the published literature.
  • Manual curation of more than 2,000 experimentally supported circulating, drug-resistant and prognosis-related lncRNA biomarkers.
  • Identification of somatic mutation-ceRNA events occurring in 33 cancers from TCGA and mutation profiles of over 1,000 cell lines from Cosmic.
  • Identification of CNV-ceRNA events in thousands of patients from TCGA.
  • Identification of SNP-ceRNA events from the 1000-Genome project. More...



Search the genomic variations including somatic mutations, SNPs, CNVs which disturbing ceRNA regulations.


Browse the LnCeVar database by genomic variations, diseases, lncRNAs, miRNAs, locations and etc.


A tool to identify dysregulated fucntions of variation-ceRNA events.


A tool to identify dysregulated cancer hallmarks of variation-ceRNA events.


A tool to perform COX regression analysis and survival curves of variation-ceRNA events.


A tool to identify and perform visualization of dysregulated variation-ceRNA network.


A tool to provide cluster profiles between different lncRNAs and ceRNAs.


A global view of LnCeVar statistics based on the human body map.

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