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LncRNA Databases and Browsers
The RNA World Website
NONCODE: a database of all kinds of noncoding RNAs (except tRNAs and rRNAs).
Noncoding RNA database: provide information on the sequences and functions of noncoding RNA.
LncRNAdb: the Reference Database For Functional Long Noncoding RNAs.
LNCipedia: a database for annotated human lncRNA transcript sequences and structures.
LncRNome: a comprehensive searchable biologically oriented knowledgebase for long noncoding RNAs.
LncRNADisease: a database that curated the experimentally supported lncRNA-disease association data.
Cancer Databases and Browsers
MeSH Browser 2015
National Cancer Institute
OMIM: an online catalog of human genes and genetic disorders.
NCDB: a clinical oncology database sourced from hospital registry data.
COSMIC:a database of somatically acquired mutations found in human cancer.
Other Links
The European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite.
Ensembl: provide genome databases for vertebrates and other eukaryotic species.
HGNC: a curated online repository of HGNC-approved gene nomenclature, gene families.
Pubmed: more than 20 million citations for biomedical literature
GAD: a Genetic Association Database.
NcRNA.org: a portal site for functional RNAs and non-coding RNAs.
HMDD v2.0: a human microRNA disease database.

Lnc2Cancer: a manually curated database of experimentally supported lncRNAs associated with various human cancers ( NAR, 2015 ).

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