General Search

Lnc2Cancer 3.0 provides users with a simple and fast method to search and explore all our data in several ways. Lnc2Cancer 3.0 enables users to search by lncRNA/circRNA name, cancer name or both. Lnc2Cancer 3.0 also offers fuzzy keyword searching capabilities, which enables easy searching by returning the closest possible matching records. ADVANCED SEARCH provides more detailed and systemic search. View our Help page for further help.

General search offers fuzzy keyword searching capabilities:
For 'LncRNA', you can use Gene Symbol (e.g. ' MALAT1'), Entrez Gene ID (e.g. ' 378938'), Ensembl ID (e.g. 'ENSG00000251562') and other names.
For 'CircRNA', you can use Gene Symbol (e.g. ' circHIPK3') and other name (e.g. ' circ_0000284').
For 'Cancer', you can use Cancer name (e.g. 'breast cancer'), or ICD-0-3 code (e.g. 'C50').